Java development outsourcing

With decades of collective experience behind us, we have skilled and experienced Java software developers that can be made available for your web, mobile, and desktop development requirements on demand.

Partner with us to receive highly-reliable Java services from a cost-effective custom software development company in Romania, Eastern Europe.

java development outsourcing

We have earned the status of being a reliable long-term software development partner to our European clients, as we bring trust, agility, transparency and open communication to every project.

Our developers have credible working experience on all the latest Java technologies and frameworks. They possess a keen understanding of all phases of the development life cycle, from architecture to deployment.

Java development outsourcing software services

Custom Java development

Perfected within a timeframe of 24 years since our company was founded, our Java software development expertise has become the constant factor behind a multitude of our IT projects. With dozens of delivered projects behind, our Java development team has the necessary expertise to tackle any projects, from simple to complex, regardless of the industry vertical.

Enterprise Java development

Java enterprise application highlight on data safety, robustness, and scalability. We have many long-term development clients who trust our top Java software developers with creating large-scale, multi-leveled, and secure applications. We are appreciated for delivering clean code with a unified style, thus reducing the need and costs for the maintenance services.

Maintenance & support

We offer post-deployment maintenance and support services for Java-based applications, even for those that were not developed by our teams. If any functional issues, we'll have them solved as included within the initial 6 months after launch. We answer promptly and we cover any needs, from application support to system upgrades and improvements.

Java mobile applications

Our Java app development team is very knowledgeable about different Java application tools, development frameworks, CMS platforms, and best practices. With time-perfected processes, transparent communication, and very moderate prices, we have been trusted with the development of stacks of Java-based mobile apps. Many of our clients are with us for years.

Java web applications

Whatever your challenge - from just needing some extra Java developers to help out with your ongoing project to developing a brand new product from scratch - you'll be satisfied with the level of service we offer. Java development is a constant offering in our service range. We are a great partner for long-term development and can help even with large-scale, intricated projects.

Additional Java services

As we cover the full spectrum of Java, where needed we can provide any supplementary services, such as:
Migration to Java
Restful API
Cloud solutions & integration
Development operations (DevOps)
Project management
Software testing

Java technology expertise

For the past 22 years, we have developed hundreds of software projects of all sizes, for clients (most of them being based in Europe) coming from various industries and domains.

Our tech stack is constantly changing, as we stay up to date with any new technologies and the use of new tools. Below is our full list of technologies, programming languages, tools, and frameworks:

Programming languages:
Java, JavaScript
Web front-end:
AngularJS, React, VueJS, Bootstrap
Desktop front-end:
Swing, JavaFX, SWT
Spring, Struts, JavaServer Faces
Java SE, Java EE, Java ME
Oracle, SQL Server, SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird, Interbase, NoSQL
Object-Relational Mapping tools (ORM):
Microservices, Monolithic, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Client-Server
Web / application servers:
Tomcat, JBoss, Glassfish, WebSphere, Jetty

Nearshore & offshore Java software outsourcing

Nearshore Java development outsourcing

Our competency backed by transparent communication and the best value for the money has made us the development partner of choice for many Western Europe organizations. Our clients can communicate directly with any of the software developers working on the project. We respect confidentiality by signing NDAs and we fully transfer the IP Rights and the source code to clients at the end of the projects.

Offshore Java development outsourcing

For each of our clients, we provide an individually tailored and attentive level of service that many larger vendors could not offer. Our timezone partly overlaps with the USA and other offshore locations, allowing for real-time communication for a few hours per day. There are no language and cultural barriers. Read more about the benefits of software outsourcing to Romania and what makes us a great partner in long-term engagements.

If Java allows it, we can develop it

Reasons to outsource your Java projects to us

Rapid team setup

We can assemble a Java development team within a week.

Quick staff augmentation

We can allocate 1-2 Java developers to your project almost immediately.

Highly affordable prices

Access talented Java developers at just a fraction of the price you would pay in Western countries.

Long-term engagements

Our teams are capable to work independently using clear and responsive communication.

How we approach projects?

We are a custom software development company using Agile software development methodologies;
We work with you on a collaborative basis at every stage of the project in short, regular sprints;
We’ll show you new features as they are ready to roll out so you can review and feedback upon them;
We test and infuse security on the way. No last-minute surprises. 

What is your challenge right now?

Backed by more than 20 years of experience and 300+ completed projects, we’re confident that we can help you no matter the challenge.