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We have a solid experience in building and marketing our own products. Consequently, this makes us a smart choice if you are looking for a software partner to develop your product.

We have the ability to see digital product development not only from the perspective of a service provider but also from the perspective of a business owner.

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Supported Operating System:

Vilicotel is a client-server hotel front desk software. The system helps hospitality businesses of all sizes to effectively manage bookings, simplify day-to-day operations, and automate email communication. 

The system allows users to reserve rooms, to check guests in and out, also to record additional services used by guests during their stay. Likewise, features such as invoicing and running customized reports are also supported. Also, setting up individual customer files, newsletter and third-party integrations to keep room inventory and rates in sync with the travel agents are included as well.

Supported Operating System:

VilicoRest is a client-server management system for the foodservice industry. The software helps restaurants of any size to fully manage and automate the daily operations, while also minimizing the risk of human error.

VilicoRest helps with every aspect of running a restaurant. The software integrates reservations, ordering and menus, as well as tables and billing. The system keeps track of inventory, payments and generates customized reports. Users can build menus by organizing ingredients into a recipe. The system also sends alerts when a menu item is running low.

Supported Operating System:

VilicoTab is a mobile order taking system for restaurants, bars and any food service businesses. VilicoTab helps streamlining the process of taking food orders, improving the accuracy of ordering, as well as automatizing the communication between restaurant and kitchen staff.

The app allows waiters to easily search and tap menu items on the mobile device.  Furthermore, the orders will be instantly sent to the kitchen and bar. Also, waiters are able to see all open orders, print the list of ordered product and also manage each table status.

Supported Operating System:
Web browser (OS agnostic)

BestHotels.ro allows travelers looking to visit Romania to browse a large selection of accommodation options. I.e. such accommodations are hotels, guest houses, holiday homes, villas, cottages, apartments, etc.

Additionally, each listing includes detailed information, photos, maps, things to do nearby and how to book information. The website aims to become an all-in-one resource listing all necessary information relating to travel Romania.