Web development

Websites are largely designed to be read-only. But web apps let users create various textual and visual content pieces and manage information, with or without an account – whatever you envision.

Our professional web development services will help you create beautiful and brainy custom web apps that are responsive and work nicely on mobile.

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Yes, we can develop that

We don't expect to be faced with a project that is too complex for us to solve. Since 1999 we’ve helped both small and large companies to build all kinds of new web apps. 

From cloud-computing portals to business-crucial in-house applications - and pretty much everything else in between. Up to now, we have delivered tens of web apps.

Software development is at the heart of what we do every day. The web applications we deliver are secured, thoroughly tested and have built-in flexibility. They also include all of the automation, integration and business intelligence benefits you would expect.

Increase and scale your team's software development capabilities by creating nearshore or offshore teams in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.  We guarantee high quality code and a hassle-free software development experience at reasonable pricing.

Our web development services

New app development

From static websites to complex business systems - we develop dynamic web applications that also enable smartphone and tablet users to make use of them, regardless of whether they are using iOS or Android devices. Our web development solutions trigger scalable, secure and good-looking web apps. Our experience covers from eCommerce and retail networks, to project management tools and tourism portals.

Support & maintenance

Every web development system we develop receives a free 6-months warranty. We will clear any possible functional or technical software faults that are related to our own code at no additional charges at during the initial 6 months after launch. Beyond the warranty, we offer flexible long term maintenance options, covering software modification and evolution, including for applications that were not developed by our company.

Project recovery

Have a problem project? We have helped many times to recover failing software projects and missed deadlines. Over the time we have perfected a project recovery process. We can work with your internal staff to help complete the web development project or we can completely take over the project. We will bring your software development project back on track at affordable rates.

Product enhancement

You are not satisfied with the current status quo of your product? We can take on your project at any stage of the web development cycle. We can strengthen your application with proper implementation of existing data, bespoke functionalities and anything else needed. We keep scalability in mind so that the web app is able to handle future growth.

Our expertise in web app development 

24 years of experience + open communication / affordable rates + the right attitude

  • CRM and ERP systems
  • B2B and B2C e-commerce platforms
  • Intranet platforms

  • High-load applications
  • SaaS and Cloud Computing
  • Dynamic website development

From low-risk MVPs to scalable online applications, we bring a wealth of practical knowledge and experience.
Large or small, complex or simple and anything between, we do all sorts of web development projects.

Why outsource website and app development to us?

Experienced people

We still have with us developers who started from the very beginning of the company. The knowledge and expertise gained by them help young members of the team find their own way. We also provide learning sessions for our team members, covering various subjects ranging from the latest digital technologies to effective communication.

We use open source

We’re huge fans of already written code if it gets the job done. So we choose to use open source frameworks and other tools whenever and wherever appropriate. With time we have built software subsystems we can use back again, so when we develop new systems we don’t use just plain bricks, but also pieces of prefab walls. This saves you both time and money.

Flexible work process

Over the years we have normalized a work process based on the Agile method. Our method systematically includes regular communication and coordination with customers. Within this process, we can deliver for review working software pieces within the early stages of the projects.

We stick around

With many of our customers we have worked for over 10 years, some for over 15. The longest we’ve worked with a single client is 18 years. People keep coming back to us because we deliver good work and clear communication.

How we approach projects

We are a custom software development company using Agile software development methodologies.
We’ll show you new features as they are ready to roll out so you can review and feedback upon them.
No last-minute surprises. We test and infuse security on the way.

Tech stack

Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, CorelDraw
JavaScript frameworks: Ext JS, Vue.js, jQuery, React.js
Server side:
ASP.NET, Java Technologies
Azure, Amazon
WordPress, TYPO3
Test automation:
Selenium, jMeter

Example of work

allegra project management system on laptop


Allegra is an easy-to-learn online project management system that is used broadly across organizations to systematically organize everything related to tasks and operations.

What is your challenge right now?

Backed by more than 20 years of experience and 300+ completed projects, we’re confident that we can help you no matter the challenge.