Working with us

We have many repeat clients because working with us is uncomplicated. We move fast and we are very responsive to our clients’ interests. We’re communicative and deliver clean results. When a problem arises, we solve it from the client’s perspective.

But above all we are nice, honest people with a solid record of delivering excellent results.

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How we approach new outsourcing clients

Some of our clients are with us from the beginning years (we have started our business back in 1999) and they continue to stay with us.

Building such lasting long-term relationships with our clients is not something we have necessarily planned for in advance.

Still, we are obviously quite happy about how things turned out.

So happy that we now cultivate long-term customer relationships in a constructive way. We continually try to create better reasons for our clients to identify with us and with our services.

As a new client, you should know that

We gladly sign an NDA

We'll send you an NDA template as one of the first things we'll do together.

Before approving the contract for the signature you can feel free to adapt it to your specific needs if needed.

IP rights & source code 

Once the application is delivered all Intellectual Property rights are yours. You will also receive the source code.

We'll have this detailed in our agreement. If required, you will be able to modify that clause to reflect your precise requirements.

You will keep the control over the team

We know that being able to have direct communication with your team is important.

You will be able to get in touch at any time (during the working hours) with any member of the team working at your project.

You won’t depend on us

The code we write doesn't utilize proprietary plug-ins (unless, in some situations, it proves to be more time-effective).

This means that any software engineer can dive into and further work with the code.

QA as we work

We have a process for QA during development. This way we ensure that quality is directly “built into” the project.

That's so much better than the project being tweaked for improvements after completion.​

Agile work methodology

Every new project starts with an analysis, just to map the main requirements and features. Our experience tells us that it is increasingly unrealistic to expect to fully understand and plan for every aspect of the project in advance.

Instead, we work with you on a much more collaborative basis and make progressive steps. We deliver working bits of functionality as we continuously develop (and test) them, that you are free to review and feedback as we work.

Affordable rates

Our prices are highly reasonable and we have flexible payment options. Still, we don't compromise on quality.

The high-quality service is one the growth drivers of our company, but at the same time we offer excellent value for money.

How we approach the software projects

The main steps of planning and executing a project are fundamentally the same for decades. Still, the last years have brought a rapid shift in the particular tools, methods and attitudes used in project management. Recent things like dedicated project manager, project strategy and cloud-based project management software, have definitely enabled teams to deliver faster and more effectively.

Aside from the existing trends and tools, project management is always a huge challenge. Through our experience, anyone telling that they have a straightforward process that is fully transparent to the clients … at a closer look you would probably find out that they develop mainly small sites or simple apps styled with flat design.

The majority of our projects are complex cross-platform business applications. Such case we need a process that, in the fine details of execution, can make the project structure and organization happen, while also overlapping speed and visibility. A process that is flexible at times, but still predictable. How this works, in reality, is a complex matter.

We are in business since the late ’90s. This is enough time for us to experience the few trends and transformations happening in the process management field since we have started. Over the years we’ve tried both Waterfall and Agile to help us complete projects.

Much of the way of how we approach projects nowadays is in the detail of what we have learned not to do through our experience. We tune our process to the grounded reality of each project. We continuously improve our overall models as we learn from each project. With 300+ significant projects behind us, we have gathered some knowledge about what to do and what to be aware of during a project.

We have an agile project methodology. As we take on a project we constantly deliver small, working pieces of functionality. This enables quick client feedback (you have visibility and keen communication on the project status). It also allows an ongoing discovery of requirements and features as we work (you have the flexibility to hone the product on the go).

Project stages on short

working with us the agile project development lifecycle


We offer a free and no-strings-attached initial discovery meeting. Once we start we review the requirements, your existing technological infrastructure, advise with respect to your strategic goals and create the backlog for the project. We decide jointly on a way to achieve the goals and on concrete solutions to fulfill your requirements.

This phase helps to:
• Learn who are the end users and how they benefit from the project;
• Highlight the features that create the greatest added value for them;
• Review how your existing technological infrastructure can incorporate the new system;
• Determine the backlog of the project, where we prioritize the requirements based on their impact;
• Establish how long the sprints should last (sprints are the development cycles that we need to produce deliverable pieces of functionality, each one including design, implementation, security testing and deployment).

Development & testing

As we develop small new bits of functionality we present them and you have access to review and discuss possible changes. We include your feedback on the go. On a regular basis, we can set review meetings to check the status of the project from the perspective of time, budget, risks, and deadlines.

We will stay in touch on a daily basis. Testing is an integral element of development work. Consequently, manual testing is carried out in addition to the automated tests as and when appropriate. You have direct access to an online project monitoring tool where you can see in real time what we are working on at one time.

We integrate security into the software we develop all over the way, from the requirement analysis to the maintenance. This is one of the principles we follow as it helps to minimize the ‘test-patch-retest’ cycle that can negatively affect scheduling goals.

We use Skype and emailing for discussions,  Allegra as issue tracker, GIT, SVN, TFS as repository and revision control system.


We start to transition the new system over to its production environment and initiate some larger scale end-user testing. Once the servers are provisioned and the infrastructure is in place, through a series of training sessions and partial launches we progressively put the project into use.

Support & maintenance

Once the project is ended we can handle support and maintain the infrastructure. We can further plan, design, build and deploy new features during your software product’s lifespan.

Every system we develop receives a free 6-months warranty. This means that we will clear any possible functional or technical software faults that are related to our own code at no additional charges during the initial 6 months.

Beyond the warranty, we offer flexible long term maintenance options, covering software modification and evolution, including for applications that were not developed by our company.

Few principles we apply for successful projects

Centralized communication

One never knows when one might need to track a certain piece of information. It helps avoid confusion. We use popular communication tools, such as Skype, but if any other preferences on your side we are open to trying new tools.

Secure from the beginning

We infuse security from the early phases of the development. Otherwise, every succeeding stage inherits vulnerabilities of the previous one and the final solution cumulate multiple security breaches that can postpone the launch time. 

Plan for scaling from start

A product risks its success because it was unprepared to handle the load? We consider the potential for a continuing increase of users and load so that, as it occurs, the system can scale to handle such changes.

Flexible cooperation models

Dedicated team

This is a pay-as-you-go monthly contract, allowing you to fully access our experienced development team. You will benefit from a committed technical staff working exclusively on your project.

Full control over the team;

Open communication;

Scalable team size;

 IP, NDA and source code ownership.

Staff augmentation

Access software engineers with specific skill sets for a specific duration that can be repeated. Gain rapid access to missing technical capabilities by contracting dedicated experts at competitive rates.

No minimum contract team

Choose your developers;

Customized to meet your needs;

 IP, NDA and source code ownership.


This model is based on a fixed budget for the project, which in turn is linked to well-defined deliverables. This model is best suited for either short or long term projects with stable requirements and clear objectives.

Full-cycle project development;

A fixed price;

Allows milestone payments;

 IP, NDA and source code ownership.

… or anything in between that fits your needs and is adequate to reach the objective of your project.

What is your challenge right now?

Backed by more than 20 years of experience and 300+ completed projects, we’re confident that we can help you no matter the challenge.