About us

We are a lean and agile software development team powered by 40+ creative minds committed to directed and attentive code.

Read below more about us and how we are making a difference.

about us, our team

Who we are

Ambo is an agile software development company with a long history and an European customer base. We deliver custom software solutions that help businesses to make good use of the benefits of the digital transformation.

We move fast and use the current best technologies and practices. Our view on the digital product development process is a business owner view, as a result of the years of experience in bringing own product range to the market.

Our organization provides custom software development services that address technology challenges in a wide range of domains. Our services address both large companies and SMEs. We work collaboratively in small teams that are agile and focused on solutions.

Since 1999 we have designed, build, and implemented tons of software solutions and applications. Namely for web, mobile and desktop, as well as IoT systems. We are a trusted technology partner for dozens of companies, especially in the DACH region and Nordic countries.

How we are different

Solid technical expertise

High-quality at reasonable cost

We have developed custom software solutions for more than two decades. During this time, we have gathered solid expertise covering every major framework and technology.

Our mission is to provide consistent high quality at reasonable rates. We also have flexible engagement models. We can meet any needs whatever the stage of the software life-cycle or requirements.


Constant communication 

Not every project needs on-site visits. Nowadays the online collaborative tools allow teams to discuss things in real-time. Still, in situations when the remote support is not enough, we can arrange on-site work visits.

We keep the project moving (and on a budget) through constant communication, while we provide critical status updates throughout the engagement.

Absolute respect for IP Rights and confidentiality

We sign an NDA (using either our or your template), clearly mentioning that you will gain sole ownership of the intellectual property. Also, the agreement points out that we will provide you with the source code at the end of the project.

We actively develop our own products

Aside from being engaged in custom development builds and software outsourcing services for our customers, we managed to find time and resources to build our own products. We know what it takes to develop, launch and grow new software products. This is because we have years of experience in bringing our own products to the market and driving their adoption. We enjoy growing them and keeping them competitive, relevant and innovative.

Our product line includes enterprise solutions for hotel and restaurant management (Vilicotel, VilicoRest, VilicoTab) and industrial machine vision systems.

We develop agile software solutions that are grounded in rock-solid software engineering and elevated by coherent user experience.​

Our approach to projects is a creative one.

We solve problems and we love to be challenged.

The code we write is clear and reliable.

The time we spend at the office is enjoyable and rewarding.

We can help your business do better.


We master a wide range of technologies:


• Java Technologies
• ASP.NET Technologies
• HP
• JavaScript frameworks


• iOS
• Android
• Cross-platform


• Java Technologies
• C# / .NET Technologies
• Delphi
• C++, Qt
• C#, Visual Studio, .NET, Windows Forms, WPF, WCF, C++, FireMonkey, VCL, Java Swing, JavaFX, .NET Core, Mono, Qt

about us badges of the technologies used by our company


Having significant experience in the areas listed below, we are equipped to face any new challenge you might have:

Hospitality & foodservice software;

• Financial processes automation;

• Tasks & projects management systems; 

• Industrial computer vision systems;

• Public safety solutions;

• Patient-centric healthcare solutions;

… and other more not listed.

We are a Romanian custom software development company with 24 years of projects behind us.
We use the Agile method as much as possible.

It’s in the team

• Our developers think before jumping into action. You will notice our genuine interest in producing great results instead of just marking off tasks.

• We take on projects in an agile manner. This means that we split larger project entities into parts, afterward solve for development needs piece by piece.

• Full-cycle deployment. In case we have ideas to improve the specifications, we’ll discuss them with you.

• Every member of our team is a “Senior”. We don’t have formal distinctions between our job titles. By hiring us, you get the A-team. There is no B-team.

Lasting business relationships

We work side-by-side with you, not just for you. We know that the software systems and IT solutions we develop  need to adapt. For example to changes in your organization, upgrades in technology and new directions in your business strategy.

We want to be your go-to team for a very long time. Every time we start a new project with a new customer, we begin a new relationship.  In doing so we hope to foster long-term business, because this has proven to be a successful system for us.

We are always available for questions and meetings.

You will notice that we have the ability to handle a changing scope of work and respond quickly despite the remote location.