Mobile app development

We build mobile apps that range from single-purpose apps with little or no back-end to feature-rich UI and heavy back-end architecture. We follow digital best practices and keep current with the app store guidelines.

Android, iOS or cross-platform, we have the know-how to help you without breaking the bank.

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Does my company need a mobile app?

People consider creating mobile apps either as a complement to an already existing online system or as the main platform itself. 

Many platforms are primarily designed for use on a larger screen like a desktop or laptop device. Nowadays statistics show that one-third of the companies that run an online business consider creating a mobile application or mobile version of their site. As mobile technology will continue to grow, one can expect even more companies to examine the value of developing mobile apps to accompany their web presence. 

You might be looking for a basic mobile app that users could leverage to perform secondary tasks – we are backed by years of experience.

You might be looking to develop a mobile application that will be the center of your business – we know what it takes to develop apps that users love.

For people to download and use an app, it must provide a type of value that they don’t get through a mobile-friendly website. To decide if your customers would actually see a distinct value and consequently use the mobile app try to answer  questions like these:

• Do they need rapid and constant access?
• Will the users need reminders on appointments ?
• Do they need to access or interact with data from their smartphone?
• Will the app make the buying process easier?
• How will the app save my users time?
• Will the app help my users solve some tasks or reach some goals easier?

Anyhow, we wouldn’t start to develop you a mobile application if we think that you could obtain the same app-like capability, with less money, with a mobile-friendly website or web app. 

Benefits of a mobile app over a mobile responsive website


Native apps can interact with data from the smartphone like the phonebook, camera and GPS. With an app the user can easily make pictures and upload images wherever required and can fill in details directly from the contact list, those making things a whole lot easier.

Permanent access

Unlike a website, in a mobile app, some or all the features can be made to work without an internet connection. While this doesn’t necessarily seem like a frequent situation, it can come in handy in cases where the internet connection is very slow. In such situations, the user might not be able to use the website but he can seamlessly launch the app instead.

Faster refreshing times

From a technical perspective, the framework on which mobile applications are developed is more responsive than the JavaScript codes of the mobile websites. This means that smartphone apps can be designed to function relatively faster than mobile websites.

Custom experience

In contrast to a mobile website, where every visitor launches the same page layout, a mobile app allows adding a lot of customization. Users can set their preferences and subsequently be served with custom content.


Mobile apps come with the ability to send instant, non-intrusive notifications to users. The red notifications badge showing the number of unread notifications is considered by most users too appealing to be ignored.

What makes a good mobile app?

It has taken us years of mobile app development to reach a level of confidence on the key points a mobile application needs to check in order to be successful. 

In our experience, the success of an app relates to how well the app addresses the following factors: 

Stable + fast

Consider the most used mobile apps in the world. They aren’t sluggish, don't crash, they simply do what you expect them to do. These apps offer seamless experiences. Great apps offer fast response times and people only need a few seconds to do what they mean to do. The speed is a built-in feature. We take that for granted, but it’s actually much work behind to get to that point.

Good looking​

A good app user interface is simple, easy to use and does not have unnecessary features. The basic content that people will use most is carefully considered. By doing so we create an intuitive and logical usage path and make it obvious and easy to use. Aside from graphics, animations, sound effects, interactions and other little flourishes - this is what actually separates the app from others.

Focused on the audience

An easy and often encountered approach is to start with the features of the website and decide what functionalities to keep or remove. In this way, the process focuses merely on the features. The discussion leads towards building some reduced edition of the already existing set of features. This perspective meets the needs in a context where the mobile app is created to support the main online platform.
But for cases where the mobile application is created to be the star all on its own, a better approach is the user-centered one. One should understand users' needs in a mobile context and start building based on that results.

Centered on the user

The initial website is still leveraged, but this second approach engages the user up front. With this second approach we start to document the design and development choices by trying to clarify questions like these:
• Who are the users that would benefit most from mobile access?
• What are the exact benefits that a native app will bring to the users (apart from portability)?
• Are there any specific circumstances for the mobile use (will users be sitting or in motion, just one hand available or both?)
• Where are the users? Android or iOS? Phone or tablet?
• How could a native app improve their workflows?

Our mobile app development services

New app development

We offer everything you expect from a mobile app company. We have a full-cycle approach that covers the entire process of building a mobile app, from initial talks to launch and beyond.

Transfer & update

We can help out if you are looking to update your existing application, transfer an Android app to iOS or vice versa, or expand it to multi-platform capabilities.

Consulting services

Native Android, native iOS, or cross-platform app. What are the benefits and limitations in each case? We can mentor on the nuances of mobile application development and help out decide which one is meeting your business goals at best.

Support & maintenance

Every system we develop receives a free 6-months warranty after launch. Beyond the warranty, we offer flexible long term maintenance options, including for applications that are not created by our company.

Android, iOS or cross-platform

The choice between a cross-platform and native app depends on the app’s business goals and features. There are key benefits and disadvantages of each approach. If you plan your mobile app to become a business of its own, you should go native.

For companies that plan an informative or content distribution app, cross-platform may be the right decision. We offer a free consultation sessions, online or over the phone depending on your preference and location, to help determine which is the best platform for your app.

Native apps

Android is the operating system that powers most smartphones, while the Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Apple TV) run on iOS software. Building native apps for every platform guarantees the best performance and product quality.
Our software developers have relevant expertise in working with native iOS Swift and Objective-C. For Android we use Native Studio with Java (Kotlin).

Cross-platform apps

Cross-platform mobile apps are developed for multiple platforms usage. The main benefit of choosing a cross-platform model is convenience.
Generally, we have more than 5 years of cross-platform projects using Xamarin, React Native, HTML5 and JavaScript, FireMonkey, Meteor, Qt and tools like Visual Studio and Android Studio to facilitate the mobile app development process.

We have flexible working models

Extend your team’s mobile app development skills by nearshore or offshore outsourcing to Romania.

We have loads of experience, established, time-perfected processes, and we deliver quality apps at affordable prices.

Dedicated team

This is a pay-as-you-go monthly contract, allowing you to fully access our experienced development team. You will benefit from a committed technical staff working exclusively on your project.

Full control over the team;

Open communication;

Scalable team size;

 IP, NDA and source code ownership.

Staff augmentation

Access software engineers with specific skill sets for a specific duration that can be repeated. Gain rapid access to missing technical capabilities by contracting dedicated experts at competitive rates.

No minimum contract team

Choose your developers;

Customized to meet your needs;

 IP, NDA and source code ownership.


This model is based on a fixed budget for the project, which in turn is linked to well-defined deliverables. This model is best suited for either short or long term projects with stable requirements and clear objectives.

Full-cycle project development;

A fixed price;

Allows milestone payments;

 IP, NDA and source code ownership.

… or anything in between that fits your needs and is adequate to reach the objective of your project.

Once we’ve delivered your mobile app, we:

Fully transfer you the Intellectual Property (IP) Rights and the source code.

It is standard practice for us to transfer the intellectual property and the source code to the client at the end of the project.

Offer full training on your app, online.

Our apps are intuitive, so your team will probably figure it out easily, but we gladly assist if needed.

Offer optional ongoing support and maintenance service.

In the first 6 initial months after launch we'll fix any possible software faults as included.

How we approach projects

The way we work is a process we have perfected over the years. We follow Agile delivery methods and principles. Click next to read more about how we handle projects and communication.

What is your challenge right now?

Backed by more than 20 years of experience and 300+ completed projects, we’re confident that we can help you no matter the challenge.