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Our approach to outsourcing is mature, oriented towards long-term cooperation and methodical by splitting the process into measurable steps.

Neither you nor we will risk facing unexpected and unwanted expenses and delays. We have an organized, predictable system that makes your onboarding pretty smooth.

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Outsourcing for the first time?

Software outsourcing is a process. As with any new process, there is a learning curve. Some clients feel comfortable outsourcing from the first project, while others find it more difficult to delegate tasks to people outside of their business.

Having two decades of outsourcing behind us, we have a clear multi-steps  approach we have perfected over the time. With us, you will find all the technical skills, flexibility, and effective communication you expect from your outsourcing partner.

Starting outsourcing can be hard if you haven’t done it before. Keeping your expectations in check and understanding the challenges paves your way for a successful start. 

With the right mindset in place, you can find the perfect balance where your anticipations meet the reality. Next are some questions that will help you set realistic expectations to get the most out of your IT outsourcing:

• Have you made an inventory of your expectations?  How realistic and achievable are your expectations?

• Have you clarified exactly how many people and how much time you can allow on your side to manage the relation?

• What are the cultural ramifications? How would an outsourced team fit into your company culture?

Our software outsourcing highlights

A Romanian software development company with 24 years of experience in IT outsourcing.

Vetted and skilled team - one of the first software companies in Romania to provide outsourcing services. 

A technically gifted team, able to create dynamic solutions to challenging features.

Fluent in English, Hungarian and some of our teammates also speak German.

Open and direct communication, always available for questions and meetings.

Conventional communication and project tracking tools.

Short flight time from European locations.

European cultural values and communication style.

40+ full-time employees.

Agile project management method and tools.

Highly affordable prices and flexible cooperation models.

Microsoft Silver / Gold Partner since 2006. ISO 9001 certified.

A long-term software outsourcing partner

NDA agreement

We sign a non-disclosure agreement each time we start working with a new partner. This ensures that the sensitive data is kept confidential throughout the project lifecycle and beyond. We see this as a reasonable and necessary measure that creates the condition of trust in our relationships. The NDA is signed by us as a company and, if case, by the team members who have access to your code/technology. If desired, you can make changes and adapt the NDA agreement to meet your precise requirements.

Intellectual rights

The ownership of the intellectual property assets created by our software development teams, the source code, as well as copyrights and all the data related to the project, belongs to the client. The contract template we provide includes clauses addressing the protection of your intellectual property rights. Even more, you can feel free to review the template with your legal department and adapt it if needed.

You keep the control

We have a long experience in developing software products and implementing highly specialized software under the outsourced model. Hence we know that keeping control over the project and communication is important. You will be able to get in touch at any time during the working hours with the person or the team members working at your project.

Support & maintenance

Every software we develop receives a 6-months warranty. Within this time range we will clear any possible functional or technical software faults that are related to our own code for no costs. Beyond the warranty, we offer flexible long term maintenance options, covering software modification and evolution. Our support services also address applications that are not developed by us.

Team setup

Even with the best intentions, an IT outsourcing project is at risk if not organized at the start. Outsourcing can work if the correct guidelines and processes are in place to reduce the risk.  We provide free of charge initial strategy sessions. The purpose is to define team members’ roles, split the project into stages, outline the sprints in detail and set up the communication rules and KPIs.

Project tracking

From instant messaging to video conferencing tools – the best alternative to face-to-face meetings. You will feel comfortable communicating with our people on a personal level. We will also use a project management tool to keep track of everything project-related.

Live meetings

Our geographic proximity enables frequent face-to-face contact. Cluj-Napoca is just one hour flight distance from Germany and two hours flight distance from France or the Netherlands, thus allowing for accessible work visits. Find out your flight distance to us.

IT outsourcing cooperation models

Extend your team’s software development skills by nearshore or offshore software outsourcing to Romania. 

If none of our existing models meet your needs, we gladly adapt to anything in between that helps to reach the objective of your project.

Dedicated team

This is a pay-as-you-go monthly contract, allowing you to fully access our experienced development team. You will benefit from a committed technical staff working exclusively on your project.

Full control over the team;

Open communication;

Scalable team size;

 IP, NDA and source code ownership.

Staff augmentation

Access software engineers with specific skill sets for a specific duration that can be repeated. Gain rapid access to missing technical capabilities by contracting dedicated experts at competitive rates.

No minimum contract team

Choose your developers;

Customized to meet your needs;

 IP, NDA and source code ownership.


This model is based on a fixed budget for the project, which in turn is linked to well-defined deliverables. This model is best suited for either short or long term projects with stable requirements and clear objectives.

Full-cycle project development;

A fixed price;

Allows milestone payments;

 IP, NDA and source code ownership.

Outsourcing in Romania

Why should you consider outsourcing in Romania? For decades already, Romania is a flourishing technology hub and popular IT outsourcing destination in Eastern Europe. Competitive advantages include:

• a large number of skilled tech graduates,
• mastering not only English but also German or French;
• the fairly low costs; 
• the geographical proximity.

In 2014, the Employer’s Association of the Software and Services Industry in Romania (ANIS) estimated that Romania’s software industry employed approximately 65,000 persons.

In 2018 the number of IT professionals has grown to over 95,000. Outsourcing in Romania is recognized as quality software at affordable costs.

The two offices of our company are located in Transylvania, a historical region surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains (the land of Dracula), in the cities of Cluj-Napoca and Satu Mare.

Cluj-Napoca is pretty much of a smart city.  People enjoy free wi-fi in the city center and there is an app that monitors and helps with car parking. Furthermore, there are several charging pods where electric cars can be charged and citizens can pay their taxes online. Also, there are numerous electric buses. The council has set up a platform where residents can propose and vote on local projects, such as planting a tree at every 3 parking spaces, vertical gardens, or underground units for intelligent recycling. The city has also become a popular travel destination, with two international music festivals (Electric Castle and Untold) and an international film festival taking place every summer.

Satu Mare is an industrial, business, academic, and cultural center, at just a 20-minute drive away from the Hungarian border.  The town has had an eventful history that has seen it being destroyed and rebuilt many times. Therefore, the old section of the town has some of the most attractive heritage buildings. The city also has an international airport.

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