.NET software development outsourcing

Get a dedicated .NET team or extend your in-house software development capabilities by leveraging our over two decades of experience in developing IT solutions using the Microsoft .NET platform.

We are a Microsoft Silver/Gold Partner software development services company delivering full-cycle .NET development outsourcing solutions for all business types.

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With years of .NET outsourcing experience behind us, you can rest assured that your outsourced development team in Romania will act fully as an extension of your own team.

Our clients appreciate that we always communicate clearly, we offer affordable rates, and we are meticulous with every line of code. 

.NET development outsourcing services

Custom .NET development

Our experienced .NET programmers cover all stages of the project development. Consequently, we offer a full spectrum of solutions throughout the entire project's life-cycle: requirement collection & analysis, design, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance. We can help with the development of web, desktop, and mobile solutions.

Legacy migration to .NET

We have experience with migration from non-efficient legacy systems to the Microsoft .NET framework and web, by leveraging ASP.NET MVC frameworks. We migrate data and make it work error-free, with optimum utilization of reusable code. Hence, you can be confident the new application we produce will preserve the same functionality as your desktop application.

Enterprise applications

With our .NET enterprise application development services, you will enjoy highly-functional and secure enterprise-level software solutions. Powered by our time-perfected enterprise application processes and agile methodologies, our .NET outsourcing development team creates result-oriented enterprise applications at prices as good as off-the-shelf software.

.NET mobile app development

Our .NET mobile app team develops mobile applications for all type of devices and platforms with Xamarin framework (Android and iOS) and web-based. Our customers appreciate that we keep the mobile app development cost lower even for complex projects, without interfering with the overall quality of the deliverable.

Third-party .NET integrations

Many of the projects we have developed include at least some sort of 3rd party integration, ranging from simple website analytics to plug-in functions and business applications. We can integrate 3rd party tools and systems into your existing application. We are experienced in covering a broad spectrum of vendor integration.

Maintenance & support

Our skilled software developers can help ensure the health of any .NET application, including for solutions that were not developed by our company. Each application we deliver is backed by a standard 6-months warranty. During this time we take care of any possible functional or technical software faults at no additional charges.

.NET technology expertise

We are one of the most experienced companies in managed IT services in Romania, Eastern Europe. Custom .NET development outsourcing is one of our most important fields of competence. Since 2006 we have the Microsoft Silver/Gold Partner status.

Therefore, by choosing our nearshore or offshore .NET development outsourcing services you will have the confidence that you’re getting the very best in experience, technical reliability, and support. The technical skills of our .NET development team cover:

Programming languages:
C#, Visual Basic
Web front-end:
AngularJS, React, VueJS, SignalR, Bootstrap, Blazor
Desktop front-end:
WinForms, WPF, UWP
ASP.NET (Web Forms, MVC, Web Pages), ASP.NET Core (MVC), Web API, Web API Core
.NET, .NET Core, Mono, Azure, Xamarin
Oracle, SQL Server, SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird, Interbase, NoSQL
Object-Relational Mapping tools (ORM):
Entity Framework (EF), NHibernate
Microservices, Monolithic, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Client-Server

Reasons to hire our .NET development outsourcing services

Solid expertise

Our teams offers a deep technical expertise backed by experience.

Your time zone

We are compatible with Europe and the USA.

Agile work processes

We offer predictability, adaptability and efficiency.

Flexible models

We provide cooperation models that meet your needs.

Cost-effective solutions

Affordable prices to fit your budget and requirements.​

Soft skills

A communicative, problem-solver and loyal software outsourcing partner.

Flexible engagement models

Extend your team’s .NET software development skills by nearshore or offshore software outsourcing to Romania. 

If none of the models below meet your needs, we gladly adapt to anything in between that helps to reach the objective of your project.

Dedicated team

This is a pay-as-you-go monthly contract, allowing you to fully access our experienced development team. You will benefit from a committed technical staff working exclusively on your project.

Full control over the team;

Open communication;

Scalable team size;

 IP, NDA and source code ownership.

Staff augmentation

Access software engineers with specific skill sets for a specific duration that can be repeated. Gain rapid access to missing technical capabilities by contracting dedicated experts at competitive rates.

No minimum contract team

Choose your developers;

Customized to meet your needs;

 IP, NDA and source code ownership.


This model is based on a fixed budget for the project, which in turn is linked to well-defined deliverables. This model is best suited for either short or long term projects with stable requirements and clear objectives.

Full-cycle project development;

A fixed price;

Allows milestone payments;

 IP, NDA and source code ownership.

How we approach projects?

We are a custom software development company using Agile software development methodologies;
We work with you on a collaborative basis at every stage of the project in short, regular sprints;
We’ll show you new features as they are ready to roll out so you can review and feedback upon them;
No last-minute surprises. We test and infuse security on the way.

What is your challenge right now?

Backed by more than 20 years of experience and 300+ completed projects, we’re confident that we can help you no matter the challenge.