IT consulting services

We can define a comprehensive digital business strategy that goes in line with your long-term objectives. In doing so we make use of our over two decades of expertise in technology and software engineering.

Our IT consulting help companies digitalize operations, optimize the software infrastructure and equip the business with intelligent technology. 

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Advantages of technology consulting

Improved performance

Is your business equipped with a good digital stack?
Are you getting the full value from it?

We can make you aware of new ways to enhance the performance of the IT assets in use. As a result your organization will enjoy streamlined daily operations. By using the right technologies and tools, you will be able to operate more efficiently. Also, you will be able to keep your focus on the core functions of your business, like the revenue-generating opportunities.

Lower your costs

The years of experience have helped us to develop best-practice processes. This allows us to deliver better, faster and more affordable than organizations can generally do on their own. As a result your organization will enjoy real cost savings in terms of both time and money. Your spending remains stable and predictable. You will know exactly how much it will cost to achieve a certain value. Altogether you can realize additional cost savings since recruiting, training, vacation, etc, are all taken out of the equation. With us, the costs are budgeted, planned and controlled.

Technological edge

Having a technological edge can directly impact acquiring and retaining clients. Moreover, using the right set of technologies can reduce operative costs and improve on-the-job efficiency. We know how to implement any hardware, software, and network application available. If it turns out to be the best choice, we can develop custom software solutions to accommodate your needs.

Specialized know-how

With our managed services, you don't get the expertise of a single person, but of our entire company. Our two decades of experience in the field are also included. We have teams of skilled engineers who specialize in different IT areas. Your project will use the technologies that best suit your goals and will be up to date on the latest trends and threats in the IT industry.

Who benefits from our IT consulting services

We cover an extensive array of services, practically suiting any type of operations

We help companies that want to access additional IT know-how and companies that plan to outsource their entire IT.

You can contract our services either on a project basis, with a specified scope and fixed-fee pricing, or on a long-term basis while a dedicated team covers exclusively your project.

Whatever be your timing and evolving requirements, we are flexible enough to meet them

Our solutions are flexible and allow modifications of the usage scenario. Also, they are robust, capable of handling much more concurrent users in the future than estimated for launch time.

Our portfolio of information technology consulting services can optimize your digital stack, ensuring the best security, performance and agility.

Digital strategy services

Leverage our IT consulting services to create strategies that support your business goals. In doing so we employ the technology trends that best meet your organization’s profile.

Our expertise is especially helpful in situations where your organization has little time, resources or knowledge. In such situations, we can develop a consistent digital guideline for successful growth.

• Develop a digital strategy that helps your business to adapt to technological change;

• Adapt your organization and operations to benefit from digital opportunities;

• Identify new digital technologies to optimize your business;

• Develop the infrastructure and know-how to support digital transformation in your company;

• Feasibility studies for software systems and products; 

• Information architecture for software apps: vision, cases, requirements definition, architecture, user interface, prototypes.

Technical consulting services

We can enable your organization to digitize the business processes with custom software applications. Our managed IT consulting solutions are user-friendly, flexible and easily upgradable.

Due to our two decades of software consulting experience we can deliver world-class systems. From mobile-ready websites to complex corporate applications – and anything in between.

• CRM solutions that meet your business needs and workflow;

• ERP development services;

• Intranet systems;

• Portals that simplify and streamline B2C and B2B interaction;

• B2B and B2C e-commerce platforms;

• CMS systems to facilitate easy website content management;

• Databases that empower business software applications;

Software outsourcing

Custom software development to match specific needs; 

Machine vision software and systems.

What you can expect from our IT consulting services

Results from day one

At project start we choose not to invest too much time drafting extremely detailed specifications. This is because our experience taught us that specifications can easily expire if something changes in the requirements. That’s too risky. As an alternative we choose to make smaller steps and work with you on a much more collaborative basis.

The right tech stack

We select and propose the technologies and integrate the new applications in your business model. We make sure that the integration works smoothly while addressing any incompatibility issues between the new and the old system. If needed, we gladly set training sessions to make sure you get the best out of the new set of technologies.

Declutter & streamline

The goal is to make your operations more effective and productive. Hence we’ll first evaluate if there are unnecessary processes in your IT system, causing a lack of business productivity. We provide recommendations and actions for simplifying and improving the process flow of your organization to generate the desired revenues.

Open communication

You have project transparency from day one. This is because we stay in touch constantly, using email, chat, Skype or phone. With our easy-to-use issue tracking system, you have full insight into the development process of your software solution. You can contact any of the team members to ask questions or make suggestions.

Working with us

We are a custom software development company working in an Agile manner.
We use a time-proved and time-perfected project management process.

What is your challenge right now?

Backed by more than 20 years of experience and 300+ completed projects, we’re confident that we can help you no matter the challenge.