Desktop Application Development

Desktop application development

Over the last few years, the growing demand for cloud-based systems has overshadowed the desktop applications. However, in some circumstances, they are still the best option. Desktop application development is a good choice if you need a highly responsive solution that works without an internet connection.

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Why should I even consider a desktop application?

With the rise of the web apps and the intrinsic benefits of working inside a browser, is nowadays still worth to invest in desktop app development? Are there any specific advantages that were not yet overcome by the cloud-based solutions?

Web apps have a lot to offer:

• nothing to install, nothing to update. That’s quite convenient if your users are within organizations that run a policy on the software that is installed on the business’s computers);
• web developers are easier to find than desktop application developers;
• the look and feel of the product will be a modern one;
• if it works for most of the companies out there, then it should work for me, right?

Those are pretty solid checkpoints in favor of web apps. But for some products, choosing the path less traveled might be worth it.

Desktop applications hold specific advantages that are hard to replicate within a browser app

Accelerated operations
Working in a desktop application can be a lot faster for users. Think about performing the same operations online and on desktops. Web applications hold the delay of seeking the web server. This delay is higher compared to desktop apps (in most cases). On this one add a delay that may result from a low performance of the internet connection. No need to say, if the network connectivity is down, so is the app. Offline working capabilities are a big plus. With a desktop application you can work offline, process stuff, edit information without an active internet connection.

Best for hardware integration requirements
In case of specialized solutions that need to connect with specialized hardware (label printers for example), a web application always has some limitations. This is not something that can’t be solved within a web app as well (with web services or the like).  Still, specialist hardware support is for the most part out of the field of the browser.

Less need for security
Web apps are by default exposed to more security risks. With the desktop applications, since the user’s data is kept on local computer systems, you stay in control. Web apps, being open to a large number of users on the internet, are more exposed to threats.

So when should I consider a desktop app instead of a web app?

Web or desktop is the interface to your program so you can base the decision not on technology trends or comparative pros/cons, but on the requirements.

The choice should be based on how people are going to use the software. Desktop application development is justified if:
– your users need to be able to react quickly to things happening (for example if there are instant messages);
–  they are going to use it for a sizeable amount of time on an often basis.

If your product is not about urgent or frequent usage, there is no obvious reason to go towards a desktop app.

Our desktop application development services

Research & development

Do you plan to build a new system? Do you contemplate a possible impact that your newly developed solution would make on the end-users?
Employing R&D helps to minimize the risks you take on. With the help of R&D you can evaluate the potential of your ideas for real-world application. Also, you can asesses the capability of the planned system to satisfy specific requirements.

Custom app development

By building an application from scratch you get a solution that syncs perfectly with your company's operations, which is always operable and easily scalable.

We have 20 years of experience with desktop software development. We know and follow the industry's best practices. Also, we will provide you with the source code to your application at the end of the project.

New features

You’re looking to expand your custom app’s capabilities by adding new functionalities? Do you plan to launch a newer version with upgraded capabilities? Our bespoke software development services will help you develop intelligent, cost-effective and intuitive extensions to help your operations.


Your legacy application is no longer helping your organization advance? People expect efficient applications at work. We can give your old desktop software a lift to ensure it can streamline operations in the long run. We focus on ease of use and seamless operation to drive higher adoption rates.


Every application we develop receives a free 6-months warranty after launch. This is much more than the average of 30 days other companies offer. Beyond the warranty, we offer flexible long term maintenance options, including for applications that were not created by our company.

Technologies we use

Windows: .NET, .NET Core, VCL, FireMonkey, Java Swing, JavaFX
Mac OS: Java Swing, JavaFX, Swift, Qt
Linux: Java Swing, JavaFX, Qt

How we approach projects

The way we work is a process we have perfected over 20 years of experience with custom software development.

Along with your desktop based application, at the end of the project we’ll also:

• Provide you with the documented source code and the technical documentation;

• Offer free support for the application within the next 6 months following delivery;

• Offer optional ongoing support and maintenance service. 

What is your challenge right now?

Backed by 20 years of experience and 300+ completed projects, we're confident that we can help you no matter the challenge.